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About Us

Serving Local Seniors 65+
South Jefferson County in Littleton, Colorado

Columbine Community Village
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Mission and Vision
Columbine Community Village offers older adults the means to live with greater independence in their own homes. Village members are supported by volunteer assistance for driving and household chores; social and educational programs; and many other useful resources.
A Colorado nonprofit organization, Columbine Community Village provides rides, minor household repairs, referrals to background-checked vendors, social connection, and education for the benefit of older adults living at home. Along with 140 like-minded Villages across the US, Columbine Community Village is in the vanguard of the rapidly growing national Village Movement.

The Village Movement

America’s infrastructure for senior housing, healthcare, and services cannot meet the imminent demands of an aging population. Our nation needs innovative, practical ways to age gracefully and to rely less on institutional housing and care. We need more affordable options for retirement living. Fortunately a powerful, effective solution is emerging. This exciting social innovation is called the Village.

A Village creates a community of support and social interaction for older adults in their own homes, wherever home may be.  Nearly 90% of older adults prefer to stay in their own homes and neighborhoods as long as possible, close to friends and neighbors, and in a familiar environment. A Village enables its members to do exactly that.

The concept of Villages was inspired by Beacon Hill Village, Boston. Founded in 2001, it was the first nonprofit organization of its kind. Within a few years, a half dozen more Villages sprang up in different cities. Most followed the Beacon Hill Village model, adapting the design to fit their own community. More than 140 Villages have been established. In 2010 the nonprofit Village to Village Network was established to foster the development of Villages.

Colorado’s first Village, A Little Help [originally, Washington Park Cares], Denver, opened for membership in mid-2008. It was inspired by two octogenarians, Bill and Pera Beth Eichelberger, who had read about Beacon Hill Village in a December 2005 AARP Magazine article. Along with several enthusiastic co-founders, they formed a board and created a successful Village.

Columbine Community Village and Jefferson County, Colorado

Jefferson County is home to the largest population of older adults in the State of Colorado. The over-65 population growth rate is the highest of all counties in the Denver Metro area.

To plan for the needs of a growing older adult population, Jefferson County Human Services initiated the Aging Well Project in 2008. The Project’s Strategic Plan encourages the development of Villages to model the success of Beacon Hill Village, Capitol Hill Village, A Little Help and other Villages.

Jefferson County Human Services is a strategic partner with Columbine Community Village. With the endorsement and support of Jefferson County, we have transformed one of the Project’s key strategic initiatives into a reality for suburban South Jefferson County.

Organization of Columbine Community Village

Columbine Community Village is a nonprofit organization, founded in March 2012 and approved by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity. Contributions are tax-deductible.  The financial support of generous individuals and businesses is invaluable in helping this Village achieve our mission.

The Village began serving members in August 2012. Volunteers are encouraged to become part of our dedicated team. Volunteers do not need to be members, although many members also serve as volunteers.

Our community has united to create this Village - a powerful resource for older adults who want to remain in their suburban South Jefferson County homes.
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