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Serving Local Seniors 65+
South Jefferson County in Littleton, Colorado

Columbine Community Village
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Posted March 2017

Columbine Courier Article on Columbine Community Village

          "For seniors trying to stay in their own homes, it takes a village"   
   Columbine Courier Newspaper, Thursday February 23, 2017
In its Thursday February 23, 2017 edition, Columbine Courier newspaper published a special section on the rapid growth of Jefferson County's aging population. "As We Age" is an 8-page insert full of articles about the problems, costs, and potential solutions associated with aging, with particular attention to South Jefferson County, Colorado.

Columbine Community Village was featured in the article entitled, "For seniors trying to stay in their homes, it takes a village."

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Posted December 2014

KDVR Fox 31 News Feature on Columbine Community Village

                 "Non-profit Helps Seniors Thrive"
      KDVR Fox 31 & KWGN Channel 2, December 30, 2014 
Fox 31 News anchor Aristea Brady interviewed CCV member Maggie Forster, 96, as she described the personal importance of staying in her own home. Colorful oil paintings, created by Maggie over many decades, brighten the walls. A photo montage of grandchildren and great grandchildren adorns the refrigerator door. Betsy Major, CCV volunteer coordinator, was filmed helping Maggie on a shopping trip at a nearby King Soopers. 

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Posted November 2014

      "Retirees Turn to Virtual Villages for Mutual Support"
                                           The New York Times, November 28, 2014

Reporter Constance Gustke notes the rising trend of virtual villages. "Currently, there are 140 villages in 40 states, according to Village to Village Network, which helps establish and manage the villages. Another 120 virtual villages are on the drawing boards, as baby boomers . . . begin gravitating to them."

"These villages are low-cost ways to age in place and delay going to costly assisted-living facilities, say experts. Yearly membership dues average about $450 nationally, and most villages offer subsidies for people who cannot afford membership costs. Armies of volunteers, who help run many villages, also help lower member costs by doing yard work, picking up prescriptions . . ."

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Posted October 2014

CBS Sunday Morning News Feature, "Aging in America,"
with Village Model Highlights

  • Sunday October 19, 2014

On this weekend’s CBS Sunday Morning, (check your local TV listings), senior news correspondent Rita Braver reports on the challenging picture of caring for older adults through interviews with a woman caring for her aging step father; former Senator Tom Daschle, who leads the new Bipartisan Policy Center’s Long-Term Care Initiative; and New Yorker Magazine cartoonist and author Roz Chast (“Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant” – a memoir about caring for her aging parents).  The feature highlights Beacon Hill Village and the Village model as one solution to the crisis.

Watch the "Aging in America" video. (Total Length, 8:59)
(Village Story begins at time marker 5:15)

Posted March 2014

"Colorado's cities and counties prepare for the 'Silver Tsunami':
State's aging baby boomers expected to double by 2030

The Sunday Denver Post, March 30, 2014

Reporter Colleen O'Connor presents a thoroughly-researched, compelling story about the aging of Denver’s suburbs, with tough challenges ahead and hopeful solutions. Jefferson County has the largest population of over-65s in the entire State. Columbine Community Village is cited as an example of how the Village Movement is helping older adults live with greater independence. Colleen O’Connor interviewed Arnie Snyder and member Polly Strobel. Denver Post Photographer Andy Cross took photos of member Arlene Molis, 95, and volunteer Lonnie Leasman during Arlene’s weekly hair appointment. Read the article.

NOTE: The print edition of this article was entitled, "Turning gray: Makeup of Colorado suburbs on the brink of dramatic shift as baby boomers approach 65."

Posted February 2014

"Columbine Community Village Helps Seniors Stay in Their Homes"

The Denver Post Your Hub, February 13, 2014
South Jeffco, Littleton, Columbine Edition

Written by Your Hub reporter Joe Vaccarelli, this article gives an overview of Columbine Community Village and its role in serving South Jefferson County seniors. Among those interviewed was Susan Franklin, Jefferson County Aging Well Project Manager. Susan noted that, "Jefferson County has the highest population of residents age 60 or older in the state."  Read the article.

Posted January 2014

"It Takes a Village: Seniors Thrive While Living at Home"

NBC Nightly News, January 24, 2014

Brian Williams talks about the benefits of the 'staying put' program [also known as the Village concept] with his in-laws. See "It Takes a Village: Seniors Thrive While Living at Home."

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Posted April 2013

"A National Overview of Villages: Results from a 2012 Organizational Survey"

Published by Rutgers School of Social Work, December 1, 2012

"Since the early 2000s, Villages have emerged as an innovative model to help people remain in their homes and to connect with their communities throughout later life. . . . This report provides a national 'snapshot' of the implementation of Villages by presenting data from a survey of Villages in the United States conducted from January through June of 2012." - The complete report is available on the Village to Village Network website.

Posted August 2012

"Help for Colorado's Seniors: Intrigued by 'They have a village?' "

The Denver Post, August 4, 2012

"There was tremendous response to Claire Martin's July 28 article on the Village To Village Network and other organizations designed to help seniors age in place in their own homes. Here's information on how to find out more about the concept:" - Read More

Posted July 2012

"Denver Seniors Stay in Homes with Help from New Volunteer Networks"

Article by Claire Martin, The Denver Post, July 28, 2012

With their front-porch view of Washington Park and the Front Range mountains beyond it, Bill and Pera Beth Eichelberger, ages 90 and 87, do not intend to ever leave their home for assisted living.

We plan to remain indefinitely," Bill Eichelberger said. 'We have said that we would like to be carried out of this house feet first. . . .' " - Read More

"Senior Law Day: The Village Movement and Your Community"

"Ready for some refreshing news on the challenges of an aging America?  Look no further than the surging Village Movement. Across the United States, Villages are sprouting up like well-watered tufts of grass, defying an otherwise arid landscape. Within the past two years, this innovative, community-style approach to keeping older adults in their own homes has grown by 80%. According to Village to Village Network, a national advocacy group, 90 Villages are now open and operating, with another 125 in development." - Read More

Article by Arnie Snyder, CBA CLE Legal Connection, July 25, 2012

Article Archive

“Columbine Community Village will Serve South Jeffco, Allowing Older Adults to Stay in Their Own Homes"
Article from Denver Post Your Hub, March 2, 2012

"Are you 55 or older, living in your own home, and planning to stay put?  Ninety percent of Americans prefer to remain in their own homes as they grow older. Seniors face three big obstacles to living independently at home:
  • The Need for Transportation – Driving may eventually become a challenge, so it’s harder to get to the doctor, pharmacy, grocery store, etc.
  • The Risk of Falling — Injuries due to falls make it necessary for some to leave their homes for assisted living or skilled nursing facilities.
  •  Social Isolation and Loneliness — People need to be around other people, to live in community and maintain a sense of purpose.
Now, there’s a practical way to deal with many of these obstacles. By joining a Village , older adults can stay in their homes longer and live with greater independence, supported by a community of neighbors helping neighbors. ..." - Read More

“2011 National Village Gathering” Encourages Long, Healthy Life for Age-in-Place Communities

Article submitted by Arnie Snyder, owner of Elder Life Advisors
Littleton, Colorado

"Next month’s 2011 National Village Gathering in Oakland, California will celebrate the past and anticipate a bright future for the rapidly growing village movement. The October 24-26 conference will be a valuable resource to all involved or interested in age-in-place neighborhoods, or villages ..." - Read More

"Age-in-Community” Village Movement Grows to 11,000 Members
Article submitted by Arnie Snyder, owner of Elder Life Advisors
Littleton, Colorado

"Just a decade ago, Boston’s Beacon Hill Village established an innovative model to empower older Americans to age in their own homes, supported by an intentional community. Now, the national village movement has soared to a coast-to-coast membership of 11,000 in 55 different villages ..." - Read More

“National Village Gathering” Event Promotes Aging in Community
Article submitted by Arnie Snyder, owner of Elder Life Advisors
Littleton, Colorado

"More than 40 age-in-community villages have sprung up in the US over the past three years. Rapid growth is riding a wave-crest of enthusiasm to help seniors live in the comfort and security of their own homes as they grow older ..." - Read More

The Village Movement and the 2010 National Village Gathering
Article submitted by Arnie Snyder, owner of Elder Life Advisors
Littleton, Colorado

"At certain times in history, the environment is just right for a bold social undertaking to thrive. The seed of an innovative idea takes root in the firm, fertile soil of local community. It is nurtured by thoughtful people who are passionate about its potential to respond to deep and urgent need. As the concept matures and re-produces in one community after another, a national movement is born ..." - Read More
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