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Serving Local Seniors 65+
South Jefferson County in Littleton, Colorado

Columbine Community Village
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Columbine Community Village empowers older adults to remain in their own homes through a support network of neighbors helping neighbors, many of whom are Village volunteers.
  • When Village members can conveniently draw on resources for local transportation or assistance with household chores, they are empowered with greater control and personal choice about where and how they live.
  • When Village members are able to maintain their social connections, keep their minds sharp through educational events, and take advantage of wellness programs, they are empowered with better emotional, psychological, and physical health.
 Become a Columbine Community Village Volunteer

Volunteers who give graciously of their time and talents are crucial to empowering Columbine Community Village. Even more important than the act of giving may be the relationship that grows as people interact with each other. It may be a younger volunteer who helps an elderly person with a chore, sparking an intergenerational friendship. Or it may be an older adult member who doubles as a volunteer, giving of his or her special knowledge or skills.

Columbine Community Village is about nurturing and sustaining community. Our volunteers are a vital force in making community happen!

Volunteer opportunities include such tasks as:
  • Providing local transportation to our members.
  • Doing minor household repairs or chores.
  • Performing computer assistance or maintenance.
  • Helping with leaf clean-up or snow removal.
  • Visiting members who cannot easily leave their homes.
  • Teaching classes in an area of personal specialty.
  • Organizing social or educational events.
  • Assisting in office work for the Village.
Volunteer hours are flexible, adapted to the availability of the volunteer and needs of Village members. You may volunteer to do specific tasks, or to be available during recurring time-slots every week, or perhaps a couple of times per month.

All volunteers are pre-interviewed and backgrounds, checked.  To learn more about our volunteer program, please Contact Us.


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