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Services for Members

Serving Local Seniors 65+
South Jefferson County in Littleton, Colorado

Columbine Community Village
Neighbors Helping Neighbors
Mission and Vision
Columbine Community Village offers older adults the means to live with greater independence in their own homes. Village members are supported by volunteer assistance for driving and household chores; social and educational programs; and many other useful resources.

 Our Services

Columbine Community Village offers the same valuable kinds of services that have come to define the Village model of neighbors helping neighbors to age in community, and in their own homes.


As a person grows older, it may not be convenient or even possible to get around by car for routine trips to the grocery, doctor, or for social events. Certain tasks, such as climbing on a ladder to change a light bulb, or stooping under a sink for a faucet repair, may even be risky. A Village offers access to volunteers who generously provide members with the benefit of their knowledge, skills, and time. All it takes to request a volunteer is a single phone call.

Examples of Village services include, but are not limited to:
  • Transportation to medical, and other, appointments
  • Grocery shopping or transportation to the store
  • Minor home repairs and modification
  • Pet care
  • Snow removal
  • Yard work
  • Computer repairs
  • Escort and assistance on outings or to appointments
  • Friendly visitors
  • Light, occasional housework
The particular services a Village may offer depends, of course, on the availability of volunteers. Since Village volunteers genuinely relish the opportunity to serve, it is more likely than not that we can arrange a volunteer on reasonable notice. If, as a member, you would benefit from a service not already on the list, we encourage you to call, and we’ll try to accommodate your request.


 Vetted Vendors

For those services our volunteers are not equipped to handle, we can refer you to one of our recommended providers, whose background and references have been checked. Many of these providers offer members a discount for their services, such as:
  • Adaptive home and personal care products to aid independence
  • Appliance repairs
  • Emergency call systems
  • Exterior cleaning, such as windows
  • Exterminators
  • Handymen and women
  • Home-delivered meals
  • Home health care
  • Independent contractors
  • Interior cleaning, such as carpets
  • Masonry
  • Painting
  • Plumbing and electrical jobs
  • Yard and lawn care

 Social and Educational Activities

Membership in Columbine Community Village includes a variety of social and educational activities. The scope and frequency is limited only by the interest of members and the creativity of Village leaders and volunteers.

Columbine Community Village arranges activities such as monthly restaurant get-togethers, game days, walking and exercise groups, book clubs, special speakers, health and wellness events, and more.


 Benefits and Value of Services

Older adults face three big obstacles to living independently at home:
  • The Need for Transportation – Driving may eventually become a challenge, so it’s harder to get to the doctor, pharmacy, grocery store, etc.
  • The Risk of Falling – Injuries due to falls make it necessary for some to leave their homes for assisted living or skilled nursing facilities.
  • Social Isolation and Loneliness – People need to be around other people, to live in community and maintain a sense of purpose.
By joining a Village, older adults can overcome many of these obstacles. This allows members to stay in their homes longer and live with greater independence, supported by a community of neighbors helping neighbors. Community interaction and personal growth are encouraged through the many activities of Columbine Community Village.

Simply taking advantage of your member benefits, you may easily recover your modest investment in annual dues. Plus, you gain the value of being able to live independently in your own home, supported by a network of your friends and neighbors.
  1. Your "big picture" savings can be much greater, even if you have to pay some out-of-pocket costs for in-home care services. A study by MetLife shows that in 2010, the average U.S. cost of an assisted living facility was $39,500 per year, and for nursing homes, $83,000. Meals are included, but not much living space. Senior independent housing can likewise be expensive. Living safely in your own home means tens of thousands of dollars per year that you don't have to spend.

  2. Volunteer services can make your life easier and safer. You'll make new friends, too. It's easy to overlook the cost and discomfort you did not incur because of an accident that didn't happen: The fall you didn't take; the bones you didn't break; the ER trip you didn't make. Why climb a ladder to change a light bulb or clean your roof gutter, when all you need to do is make a phone call? Why drive when you can ride?

  3. Columbine Community Village enriches the lives of all who join. Many members are also volunteers, because they relish the privilege of helping others. Indeed, the positive impact we can all have on each other's lives is the reason for having Columbine Community Village in the first place. Enjoy your community!


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